School of Uncommon Knowledge


1 November – 31 November 2016

Who gets to teach?
What gets to be taught?
What is the value in sharing knowledge with one another?

There is an infinite amount of knowledge in the world, yet only a small portion gets imparted in our schools. We see some people as being in the position to 'teach' while others can only passively be 'taught'. In a society obsessed with grades and and the prestige of one's school, education is frequently reduced to a means to an end.

The School of Uncommon Knowledge questions what we typically think "education" involves and is a platform for uncommon knowledge to be imparted by unexpected people.


Open Call for Classes


Closing Date: 30 September 2016

At the School of Uncommon Knowledge we believe that everyone, through the course of their lives, has developed knowledge that reflects their local context or personal history. We believe that such knowledge is inherently valuable. We also believe that in sharing this knowledge with one another, we strengthen social bonds and build communities.

We're looking for people from all backgrounds who share these values to organise or facilitate a class in the month of November 2016. 


About the School

For the entire month of November, The Substation Black Box will be turned into a space for learning and recreation. We hope to be able to provide a safe, inclusive space for everyone to come and exchange knowledge with one another.

The School of Uncommon Knowledge is one of the programmes that will take place in this space. We hope to have a class for each day in November.

Classes should share knowledge that is "uncommon" in some way. It might be very niche area of knowledge, or be facilitated by someone that people do not ordinarily expect to be in a position to teach, or perhaps arose out of the specific circumstance's of one's life, so one has a unique perspective on the knowledge he/she is sharing.

Also, the School runs on barter - anyone can offer to teach a class, and in exchange students agree to bring a barter item or provide a service for the teacher. 

How the school works 

1) Teachers propose classes and ask for barter items in advance from students. The items might be materials needed for the class, a service that the teacher may need, or even something intangible (e.g. a story, 5 minutes of conversation etc.).

We encourage teachers to focus on the social nature of exchange, rather than the monetary value of the service provided.

2) Students sign up for classes by agreeing to bring a barter item for the teacher.

The Substation will provide the space for your class to take place, as well as tables and chairs (if required). Do note that any additional materials must be provided by the teacher.


Great! I want to organise a class, tell me more!

Yay! Take a look at the details here:

After which, we’ll need you to tell us the following things:

1. What knowledge/skills will you be sharing?
2. How many people can your class take?
3. What timing would you prefer your class to be?
4. What barter items would you want for your class?

Once you've decided on the class you'd like to organise,
fill in this form.

Closing date for submissions is Friday, 30 September 2016.


For any clarifications or enquiries,
please contact


Confirmation of Classes

Selected class facilitators will be informed by 30 September 2016.
Classes will be shortlisted based on their alignment with the principles of the school.