by Lim Chin Huat and Tan Ngiap Heng

06  – 24 January 2017
The Substation Box Office

Co-created by photographer Tan Ngiap Heng and multi-disciplinary dance artist Lim Chin Huat, Soil weaves together live plants and multimedia projection into an eco-installation. Based on the Chinese mythology of《夸父追日》Kua Fu Zhui Ri, the work alludes both to The Substation as fertile grounds for the growth of artists.

Transforming the box office into a lush grotto of wild plants accompanied with multimedia projections of the mythology, the work tells the story of a giant whose noble endeavour in saving his village from the scorching sun results in his unfortunate death. In spite of this, his body becomes a source from which new life springs. The myth thus parallels the role of The Substation in the personal artistic journeys of both artists.

Opening Performance FIRE《野火》by Lim Chin Huat: 6 January, 8PM, The Substation Theatre
Sharing Session with the artists and T. Sasitharan: 14 January, 3PM to 5PM, The Substation Theatre