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Artistic Director's Note: Each Blade of Grass Each Shrub Each Tree

Photo by David Tan

At The Substation, we hope to take on the big, difficult questions that affect us, as a nation, a people, and as individuals.

Right now, one of those burning questions is the Cross Island Tunnelling tests at MacRitchie Reservoir. We all want to 'save' MacRitchie Reservoir. But maybe it shouldn't just be about MacRitchie. Or else we'll always be lurching from here to where, always fighting for the next place or cause. Yesterday it's Bukit Brown, today MacRitchie, and tomorrow who knows where? Maybe it's worthwhile to expand and deepen that conversation about our relationship with Nature. 

We — the artists, academics, and conservationists — have had barely 2 months to put this together. It's a show put up in haste, but I think that sometimes timing is everything. These cultural producers have already developed their obsessive bodies of work around different interpretations and relations with Nature. Isn't it worth our while to consider what they have been saying for a long time?

So if you care about MacRitchie Reservoir, maybe there's a larger cultural condition that troubles you. You can't quite articulate it. Well we don't intend to make it any easier. The aesthetic encounter is multifarious and difficult.

Join us for the inaugural public programme under our new artistic directions at The Substation.

yours truly. a.

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