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Each Blade of Grass Each Shrub Each Tree 5-15 May 2016, Substation Gallery

Forum: Panel discussion
The Substation Gallery
7 May, Saturday, 2-4pm
PRIVATE: By invitation only

The Substation Gallery
5 - 15 May
12pm - 8pm daily
(closed for private performance & forum on 7 May, 1-4pm)


"After independence, I searched for some dramatic way to distinguish ourselves from other Third World countries. I settled for a clean and green Singapore…”

— Lee Kuan Yew, From Third World to First

In 1963, a Mempat tree was planted by the nation’s Prime Minister. Planting has never been about trees; it’s a moment transformed into a photograph. Singapore has always shaped itself in, and after the image. Garden City is the clean and green image—think about those majestic trees that line our expressways as you emerge from Changi Airport.

The Substation presents a programme of exhibition, performance and forum, through artists who resist constructed visions of nature as a singular, unchanging entity. They complicate our understanding of Nature and the Garden: from the edenic to the horrifying, from the sublime to fictions of representation. Nature, through their eyes, becomes speculative, autonomous but also charged with human trace.

Find out more about The Substation's new artistic directions in responding to MacRitchie Reservoir Cross Island Line discussions here.


The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian Street
Exhibition: 5 - 15 May 2016 (Open daily from 12PM to 8PM)
Closed for a private performance and forum on 7 May from 1PM to 4PM. 

Chu Hao Pei, David Tan, Deborah Emmanuel, Geraldine Kang, Robert Zhao, Sharda Harrison, Susie Wong, Timothy Barnard, and Tony O’Dempsey