Artistic Director's Note: Change


Dear artists, friends, and supporters of The Substation,

Since I joined The Substation as Artistic Director in October 2015, there has been significant change. It’s created some confusion and anxiety about The Substation that many of us have come to know and love.

After 25 years, we’re proud to say we are a national institution, a definitive part of Singapore’s history. In all those years, our city and culture has changed drastically. Many other artists, groups and institutions have emerged, often times with very specific focus. That’s a good thing for Singapore. But it also means we have to revisit and apply Kuo Pao Kun’s vision to a vastly different landscape.

We've had a number of Open Sessions culminating in the Town Hall of Mar 31. All of this is to say, yes there have been, and there will be many more changes. But you know what? We don’t have all the answers, and many of these answers will emerge not in a flash, but over a long period of time in consultation with you. 

In response to the discussion, Terms of Engagement was created by an independent group of cultural workers. The initiative is a documentation of these sessions, collating the various positions and thoughts of the arts community. To read the transcript, please refer to here: ToE Substation Session 1 – Download PDF

If there are queries regarding the transcript, please email to

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