FORMLESSNESS WITHIN FORM | 15 to 17 April 2016

by José Sintnicolaas and Deepa Khanna Sobti

15 to 17 April 2016
12pm - 8pm
The Substation Gallery

‘Formlessness Within Form’ is a joint art exhibition by two artists at the Substation from April 15-17 Dutch artist José Sintnicolaas and Singaporean artist and poet Deepa Khanna Sobti. While the art styles of both artists is abstract, José expresses more form in her art and boldly experiments with various mediums and Deepa’s style is more purist using only Oils and palette knife and her art and poems point only towards the formless reality of all form. Deepa is an international award winning Biennale artist and has exhibited in museums and galleries all over Europe. 75% profits from Deepa’s practice are donated to charity.

Prior to the exhibition, on Wednesday 13 April, we will have a life interview on Channel NewsAsia at about contemporary art in Singapore and the upcoming exhibition at Substation.

Artist Profiles
Deepa Khanna Sobti is a Singaporean international award winning Biennale artist and poet. She writes a poem for every abstract expressionist Oil painting that she makes.

Overall, her art and poetry make a strong suggestion to the viewer to investigate their present experience to realize what reality really is. And to see that the world as it is currently understood, is merely a relative imaginary construct comprising mainly of thought. And that even within that thought construct, there is no separation between the individual and the world he inhabits. And to pave the way for the 'Everything' and the 'Nothing' to shine through the mind. She has exhibited extensively in Museums, Art Galleries and Art Fairs in Europe and Singapore and has been selected for several global juried selections including the Art Museum Chianciano, Italy's Art Biennale 2015, The London International Creative Competition 2015, Art Gemini Prize 2014 as a finalist and has been awarded the Recognition Prize by the Palm Art Award, Germany 2015. She is also currently shortlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award, 2015. Art Republik magazine published a two page editorial on her work.

José Sintnicolaas is a Dutch artist who, despite following a classical education at an art academy in Belgium, developed her art in a loose abstract style of mixed media paintings.

Her artworks have a roughness that gives the eye the opportunity to finish the work and see what one images without any need for explanation. Her series Earth is a celebration of the planet and expresses the elements of the earth before human inhabitation. She uses interesting materials such as glass, sand, paper and spray in her works to create textures and rawness. She tries to create awareness of the consequences of human behavior on the planet and donates to charities who support preservation and action against climate change.

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