GIVE $10 Campaign 2018



Campaign Period: 7 September to 4 November

Campaign Goal: $5,000

The Give $10 campaign supports Cities change. People die. Everything you know goes away., The Substation's programme for 2018. The programme explores how and why heritage is a political and emotional topic for the public.

Once again, The Substation will collaborate with artists, academics, and specialists whose works engage with and contribute to the complex conversations around heritage. Topics include the heated en bloc debate, the iconic SQ Girl and our vanishing hawkers.

A $10 donation may seem small, but it helps to support big things. Help us continue to explore the possibilities of contemporary art in shaping public discourse.

Give $10 now!

Thank you for your support of The Substation.


Donations of $250 and above are eligible to receive the following gift:

  • Cities change... T-shirt
  • 2017 Discipline the City Chapbook Set (set of 6 chapbooks)
  • The Substation 25th Anniversary Book
  • Substation Tote Bag

Alternatively, $250 and above donors can choose to forgo the donation gift and get a 250% tax exemption.

Gift-level donors are entitled to only 1 reward.

Donors will be contacted to confirm their selection of gift or tax exemption, mailing address and shirt size (if applicable).

Terms and Conditions
Gift items are subject to availability.
Gifts will be mailed within 6 weeks of receipt of donation.
Limited to 1 gift per donor.