Visual Arts / Conversations Between Father And Son

Thursday 13 May to Saturday 22 May
The Substation Gallery
Opening: Thursday 13 May, 6.30pm
Performance by Marla Bendini: 13 May to 16 May, 21 May and 22 May, 7.30pm daily
Gallery hours: 12pm to 9pm daily (closed on public holiday)
Audience discretion is advised. Exhibition contains some nudity.
Venue supported by The Substation

“Conversations between father and son” is a multimedia installation performance with paintings paying tribute to the artist’s late father. The artist, both a son and a transgender individual, invites the audience, through the performance, to initiate intimate conversations with their loved ones.


Artist Bio

Marla Bendini is a visual and performance artist in Singapore. Bendini transitioned into Marla Bendini in 2007, a process in search of the identity as the “art form”. Her first solo exhibit was in La Bamba, Pattaya, Thailand, December 2008. Marla Bendini’s mediums range from painting and fine art to music, performance and film. Her work expresses ideas about transgenderism, gender binaries and the dysfunction of social structures, particularly with the personal physical body as an articulation tool. She is currently studying at School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University.

To find out more about Marla Bendini, click here.

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