Concerned Citizens Programme
Class of 2019

Originally intended for five participants, the programme eventually accepted a total of six participants due to the outstanding quality of the applications received from the open call process.

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Amanda Lim and Jocelyn Chng

Amanda Lim and Jocelyn Chng joined the programme as a pair of collaborators.

Jocelyn is a freelance practitioner, writer and educator in dance and theatre, with a keen interest in issues of culture and history, both personal and in wider societal/national contexts.

Amanda is a visual artist at heart, an educator by day and a musician on weekends. Her art practice is concerned with time, form and indeterminacy, often using speculative narratives to explore paradoxes of the human condition. She has a keen interest in building communities of authenticity, inclusivity and kindness; and in using the arts as a vehicle for connecting people, ideas and for personal growth through meaningful encounters.

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ila is a visual and performance artist who works with found objects, moving images and live performance. She seeks to create alternative nodes of experience and entry points into the peripheries of the unspoken, the tacit, and the silenced. With light as her medium of choice, ila weaves imagined narratives into existing realities. Using her body as a space of tension, negotiation, and confrontation, ila creates work that generates discussion about gender, history, and identity in relation to pressing contemporary issues.

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Jacyln Chong

Jaclyn Chong is a freelance performance-maker. She is a recent graduate from the Theatre Studies programme at the National University of Singapore. As a Southeast Asian studies minor, Jaclyn believes engaging with the arts is a necessary form of social consciousness. Her works explore the boundaries between moving image and performance, probing into representations of the body.

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Kristian-Marc James Paul

Kristian-Marc James Paul is a recent graduate of Yale-NUS College. He majored in Anthropology with a focus in Gender Studies and minored in Arts & Humanities with a focus in creative writing. He won the Bernard Bate Prize for Outstanding Anthropology Capstone Thesis for his undergraduate thesis. In college, Kristian was the inaugural Director of Diversity & Inclusion for the Yale-NUS Student Government, a Sexual Wellness Peer Educator, and a Residential College Advisor, mentoring and providing guidance to incoming first-year students. He has also written several creative nonfiction essays for various publications. Kristian is also currently a part of the climate advocacy collective, Singapore Climate Rally.

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Mumtaz Md Kadir

Mumtaz Md Kadir is curious about the unique narratives epitomised by every individual. This curiosity has shaped her career in Singapore’s social sector, attempting to shed light on the less popular causes left stranded on the margins of our economic success story. Her search for alternative narratives has compelled her to traverse beautiful but conflicted lands⁠—including that of Palestine, Kashmir, and Iran. Since completing her Bachelor’s in Economics and Political Science, she has been contemplating on ways to foster her intellectual curiosity and develop methods of self-expression.

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Mysara Aljaru

Mysara Aljaru is a freelance journalist and producer currently pursuing her Masters in Malay Studies at the National University of Singapore. She was previously a TV producer with the local mainstream media. A lens-based practitioner, she is currently researching on mainstream media discourse on Malay development. Her works revolve around politics of space, class, race and gender. Her writings have also been published on Beyond The Hijab, Budi Kritik (2018), Growing Up Perempuan (2018) and Karyawan. She is also a participating artist for the upcoming 2019 edition of Objectif’s annual Women in Film programme.