Concerned Citizens Programme
Class of 2017-18

These twelve participants were shortlisted from an Open Call process that attracted close to 60 applications. They hail from a variety of backgrounds, from visual arts, to architecture, urban planning, political science and biology.

Their projects culminated in a Concerned Citizens Showcase from 11 to 22 April 2018. Download the e-catalogue here.


Aqilah Faizal

Aqilah Faizal is curious about the essence of being. She seeks to uncover the potence of the body as a tool; that which can invoke & manifest fluid human sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the quiet resilience embodied by refugee communities she works with, she is concerned about the strength of vulnerability within a manicured, concrete city.



Faris Nakamura

Faris Nakamura (b.1988) graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art (First Class Honors) at Lasalle College of the Arts in partnership with Goldsmiths,College of London.

Through his works, he investigates and explores the way people navigate and orientate themselves upon encountering space and desires to understand the attachment and/or detachment people have towards space, how they develop, and the impact they have on them.


Chu Hao Pei

Chu Hao Pei (b.1990, Singapore) is a visual artist who works with various media. His practice is informed by the shifting ecological, social and urban landscapes. By interweaving documentation and intervention as a strategy, he explores conflicts and tensions arising from state’s interventions on nature and culture. 


Wong Hui Yu

Through writing, photography and sound, Wong Hui Yu enjoys collecting moments of volatile intimacies in the city. She is interested in theories of stranger sociability, psychoanalytic listenings (to and within the urban environment), and the relational possibilities in addresses that go astray.


Jevon Chandra

Jevon Chandra is drawn to psychogeography and theories of play. By extension, he is interested in provoking the ludic qualities of spaces, thereby using play for its dialogic potential. Conceptually, his practice hovers around ideas of enchantment, of thoughts that lie beyond logical positivism: of (temporal) imaginaries, projections, topophilia, and hoping. 


Joy Ho

Joy Ho is an illustrator and cartoonist who believes that the visual mode of the masses is a strong tool, especially with the accelerating force of media and visual culture. She is curious about access and separation, and how art as communication can facilitate those dynamics.

CCP Kae Yuan.jpg

Kae Yuan

It is a Herculean task to reduce anyone's story into 50 words so Kae Yuan is not even gonna try. In fact, he will use the remaining space (and whatever attention you have to spare), to tell you an important message: never trust anything you read on the Internet. Never.


Rosanne Chong

Rosanne is an aspiring architect who dabbles in all things between art and architecture. She is interested in the politics of space, and how the built environment can censor, yet liberate the citizens.


Chng Shao Kai

Shao Kai is a street and documentary photographer who enjoys taking photos of everyday life in Singapore. Through his work, he hopes to turn shutters into shudders and probe the minds of every concerned citizen. He currently majors in History at the National University of Singapore.


Subhas Nair

Subhas is an independent rapper who cares about urban planning and environmental policymaking. He wants to use music to change the world.


Vanessa Lim

Vanessa Lim’s (b.1993) practice mainly pertains to ideas of materiality with a particular focus on the spatial and emotional construction of water in its various forms (interior, exterior). Her recent sculptures, textile work and installations have drawn on architectural elements of the swimming pool and coastal management systems to play with conceptions of weight, space and tactile perception. 



Nue is a writer. She is interested in the politics of language, signs and simulacra, and how narratives condition people's behaviour and perceptions of the environment. The work of educator Paulo Freire inspires her.