/ Berita Harian 2: Utusan Melayu

Berita-Harian-2_30xxInstitute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (ICAS) Presents 

Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu;
the surreal
the contemporeal
the cosmoreal

12 JAN – 5 FEB 2010: Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940

Agitatsiya / ClogTwo / Djohan Djohari / Gene Sha Rudyn / Khairuddin Hori / Noor Effendy Ibrahim / Ryf / Siti Salihah Omar / SlacSatu

Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (ICAS) presents the sequel to Berita Harian 2003, Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu; the surreal, the contemporeal, the cosmoreal. The seminal exhibition which was curated by Khairuddin Hori in 2003 is deemed at present as a ‘point of departure’ for contemporary Malay art – an avant-garde representation of Malay artists who dealt with issues of identity, the intersection of communities and ethnographical stereotypes. Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu; the surreal, the contemporeal, the cosmoreal is also an attempt to initiate a legacy of artistic platforms reflective to the study of ‘Malayness’.
An event-based exhibition taking place from 12 January to 5 February 2010, Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu; the surreal, the contemporeal, the cosmoreal features nine ‘progressive’ contemporary Malay artists of various disciplines selected by curator, Zaki Razak. The exhibition aims to explore alternative means of artistic productions, convey enquiries in regards to anthropology of ‘Melayu’ and project issues that are deemed as taboos by the ‘Malay’ society.

Artworks featured in the exhibition include:

  • Durational Performance by Agitatsiya
  • Series of Paintings by ClogTwo.
  • Identity and Catalogue of exhibition by Djohan Djohari
  • Performance at Abdul Gafoor Mosque by Gene Sha Rudyn
  • Digital Print by Khairuddin Hori (Associate Artist of The Substation)
  • Time-based Installation by Noor Effendy Ibrahim (Associate Artist of The Substation)
  • Floor Installation by Ryf
  • ‘Performance Workshop’ by Siti Salihah Omar
  • Mural by SlacSatu

Free Public Programs

12 JAN, Tuesday
7.30 – 9.30pm
ICA Gallery 2, LASALLE College of the Arts

Malay Newspapers: Shifting Functions and Representations

The symposium that will grace the exhibition involves the meeting of minds between artists and academics – a sharing session touching on the function of Malay newspapers in pre-independence and contemporary Singapore.

Adeline Kueh (Senior lecturer of LASALLE College of the Arts)

Zaki Razak (Co-curator of Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu)
Dr Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (Co-curator of Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu, Assistant Professor at Department of Malay Studies, NUS)
Dr Maznah Mohamad (Visiting Fellow at Department of Malay Studies, NUS)
Gene Sha Rudyn (Participating Artist; Theatre practitioner)
Khairuddin Hori (Participating Artist; Curator of Berita Harian, 2003)

16 JAN, Saturday &
23 JAN, Saturday
2 – 4pm
ICA Gallery 2, LASALLE College of the Arts

‘Performance Workshop’ by Siti Salihah Omar, A to Z of Malay

Siti Salihah’s performative workshop invites the audience to witness a pedagogical exchange that involves discussions and participatory exercises with invited primary/secondary school/tertiary students on the A to Z of Malays.

22 JAN, Friday
7 – 10pm
F201 Lecture Theatre, LASALLE College of the Arts

Screening (Documentary)

In conjunction with Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu, the documentaries, Orang Asli, Tanah Asli (Land of Indigenous Rights) by Arul Prakkash and 10 tahun sebelum merdeka (10 years before independence) by Malaysian artist, Fahmi Reza will be screened to instill an awareness on the anthropology and history of Malays. A sharing session will also be facilitated after the screening of both documentaries.

28 JAN, Thursday
8 – 11pm
Masjid Abd Gafoor, 41 Dunlop Street

Al-Ikhlas (A monologue in 7 acts re-introducing God)
*Entry: By Registration Only (at entrance or by e-mail to keelat@gmail.com)

A common man – not a scholar nor an expert – born, raised and living in a cosmopolitan society, takes us through his eventful past and, with his limited secular education and spiritual knowledge, raises questions about God and seeks answers.

30 JAN, Saturday
2 – 6pm
Dance Studio, LASALLE College of the Arts

A performative workshop by Gene Sha Rudyn: The Theatre of Daily-Life
*Limited to 20 participants (e-mail to keelat@gmail.com)

Everyone lives through life, but not everything about life is theatrical and not everyone can present it as a theatrical performance. Day-to-day experiences can be presented in Theatre by identifying what is theatrical about them and understanding how to present it as a theatrical performance. This workshop is open to anyone who has a life and desires to present it as a performance.

3 FEB, Wednesday
7.30 – 9.30pm
ICA Gallery 2, LASALLE College of the Arts

A talk by the curators, Syed Mohd Khairudin Aljunied & Zaki Razak, What the F are you guys about?

The aim of the session is to reflect on the role of art in contemporary life. Why do we make art? How can art be a channel to reform society? Should art be a form of indulgence or should it be used for the betterment of society? Art, for Who’s sake? At the expense of whom?

5 FEB, Friday
7pm till late
ICA Gallery 2, LASALLE College of the Arts

Closing Reception

Berita Harian 2 – Utusan Melayu closes with modest refreshments – possibly ‘teh tarek’ and banana fritters, the launch of the exhibition’s catalogue and a publication by Gene Sha Rudyn. 

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