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Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programme


2016–2018 RESIDENTS

A pilot series of artist residencies was initiated in 2016 and ran from 2016–2018. Residents were invited to work out of The Substation for a period of two months. Find out more about the projects initiated by each resident during their time at The Substation by clicking on the respective images below.

Please note that as of March 2019, the AIR programme has been on hiatus and we are currently not accepting any applications for residency.


Lead Resident: Chua Ai Lin
Resident Group:
Mohamed Ismail Muhammad Fauzy, Jeremy Lee (Hell Low), See Kian Wee, Juria Toramae

Residency Period: January 2018—March 2019


Pat Toh
Residency Period: March 2017–May 2017

Post Museum
Residency Period: July 2016–September 2016


Alecia Neo
Residency Period: July 2016–September 2016

Loo Zihan
Residency Period: April 2016–May 2016