Sole with Pat Toh 27 & 28 May 2017


SOLE with Pat Toh.
Our life is a collection of innumerable singular steps. Each step is a tactile negotiation between the earth and the sky. Each step reveals the social systems, education and cultural appropriation of the individual. Each step creates paths that intertwine, weaves people and places together. Each step in the swarming mass of steps articulates a way of being in the world. What would your steps transcribe? 

Pat closed her residency at The Substation in May 2017 with a weekend of performative workshops. Gleaning from her many conversations and walks with artists and non-artists (including a cartographer, landscape architect, sports scientist and a cultural anthropologist), Pat devised a 30-minute workshop.

The workshop begins with a massage that draws participants' attention to their foot and legs, as well as serve as a counterpoint to Pat's talk of the city, the body and the history of walking. And after that, participants are invited to do a bit of walking themselves — barefoot.

Thank you to all the participants who came to experience Sole with an open mind. 

All images copyright to The Substation.