Residents in the media: Review of Survey in TODAY

Photo: Post Museum

Photo: Post Museum

Bruce Quek reviewed Post Museum's SURVEY: Space, Sharing, Haunting for TODAY.

As if to make the most of their brief time at The Substation, Survey presents a smorgasbord of programmes, generally anchored in some fashion or another to the visual art exhibition which runs throughout the month.

While each artwork therein might be deserving of detailed essays, it is the impression of the show as a whole that packs a punch. There’s an organic, even anarchic sensibility to the artworks and the methods of their display — it’s more art-punk squat than a stiff, starched group show in a white cube.

This organic, communitarian ethos carries over to the rest of the programming, the eclecticism of which is drawn from Post-Museum’s focus on relational, social forms of art practice, rather than more strictly visual approaches.

There are, among other things, lectures on citizenship and activism, yoga classes, ghost storytelling, performances ranging from improvised spoken word to impromptu music, public dialogue sessions, and so on, in tandem with groups such as the Foodscape Collective and Project X, a sex workers’ rights group.

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