Residents in the media: Pat Toh and the art of walking in TODAY

Photo: The Substation

Photo: The Substation

Mayo Martin featured Pat Toh for an article about walking in TODAY. They chatted about how walking relates to Pat's practice, as well as Pat's residency and concluding event, Sole with Pat Toh.

During the past two months, Toh has been going on slow walks of all sorts. She would take long solo ones, including a 36km trip from Pasir Panjang to the end of Tuas. She would also join walking tours, such as an intertidal tour of Pulau Semakau.

Toh also went on walks with friends and acquaintances, such as a sports scientist, a cultural anthropologist, and even her mother, and they brought her to their favourite spots in the city or simply through their usual route to work.

“I’m looking at the idea of ‘everydayness’ and how walking shapes our relationship with another person, ourselves, and even places. The steps we take, the pace we walk at, the way we walk through a city says something about us,” she explained.

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