5 Questions with the Resident: Pat Toh

1: You've been doing projects at The Substation for a long time. What does The Substation mean to you? 

It is a space to play, experiment and explore. It is a social space to meet lots of interesting people and be in the midst of art happenings.

2. How has coming in as a resident differed from your previous experiences working on projects (such as Directors' Lab)?

Warpaint was the the show Pat presented as one of the outcomes of her participation in Directors' Lab.

Warpaint was the the show Pat presented as one of the outcomes of her participation in Directors' Lab.

I feel that the objectives of this residency is slightly different from Directors' Lab. During Directors lab I was working from a production oriented frame of mind. In this residency, I am taking a more exploratory and research based mindset. Perhaps the name of the program and the given time frame shape my intent and approach. Although both projects work from an interest and practice in the body.

3: What are you looking forward to in your residency?

I look forward to walking with others and collect these walks as a way to gain insight into the perceptions of walking in Singapore. I also look forward to peep into the workings of an art space, tapping into its rich network of information and working from a different space aside from my own room.

4: Any pet peeves [about the space]?

None about the space itself, except the locale used to hold a diversity of shops, activities and people. It was a messier kind of street. Now it feels patrolled.

5: What are your hopes for The Substation moving forward?

Substation has been a trans-disciplinary experimental space and that is exciting. I wonder how it would expand on the multiplicity of its role as art-research-social space. And to work from extremities of being independent-collaborative, adventurous-rigorous and diverse-inclusive. 

Pat will be conducting a public walking session, Walking Slowly, on 15 April 2017, Saturday, 5-7pm. Stay tuned for more details and how to sign up.


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