After 1 week of vigorous bean counting... We are glad to announce the winners of the Voice Awards! Each winner will be awarded a small cash prize.

Presenting the Voice Award Winners!

Voted Top 3 Local Favorites
- Hush Baby
- Meat at Block 320
- No Joke Burma

Voted Top 3 International Favorites
- Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant
- Next Floor
- Attack of the Robots from Nebula - 5


Trailers out for the following screenings!
Animated - Shorts
Fish - Shorts
Korean - School days
Limoncello - Shorts
Broken - Shorts
Italian Shorts

SSFF Trailers out!
Trailer 1
Trailer 2

Ratings out for the following screenings!
Broken - Shorts
Encounter - UK Shorts
Midnight - Shorts
Opening Films

S-Express Singapore
S-Express Chinese
Limoncello - Shorts
French Animations
No Joke - Shorts

Animated - Shorts
Korean - School days
Italian Shorts

US Documentary
Fish - Shorts
S-Express Malaysia
S-Express Thailand
S-Express: Philippines

Film programme has been confirmed! Visit the Programmes segment to check out the full programme!

Tickets out on sale now at:
Cat Socrates and The Substation box office

Ticket info has been updated.

Selected films will be announced shortly.

Deadline for the film submission has ended.



Singapore Short Film Festival was started by The Substation Moving Images in 2001 and has been a biennial, international short film festival in Singapore. The objective of the festival is to champion the short film format, increase its profile and encourage Singapore filmmakers to develop their skills and art in short filmmaking via interaction with and exposure to both local and international short films from fellow filmmakers.

The Singapore Short Film Festival will now take place annually in September to highlight the importance of short films in the Singapore filmmaking landscape, especially when short films are the arenas for experimentation and the vehicles where our filmmakers find their voice and filmic style.

The festival hopes to challenge and provide a platform for better short films to be made, through the “Voice Award”, exposure and competition with international short films and an emphasis on tracking the growth and talents in the region through the Asian Film Symposium.

Previously held annually in September, the Asian Film Symposium has been positioned as a segment under the Singapore Short Film Festival. It is a unique platform not just for the screening of works, such as the S-Express traveling short film series featuring films from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China, but also for networking and exchange among filmmakers, curators, critics, programmers in the region. It’s the place to see new and cutting edge short films from the region, and to meet the people driving the independent scenes in these countries. With discussion panels of Asian curators and filmmakers as well as talks and seminars with film luminaries, the Symposium strives to promote dialogue and exchange between players in the Asian independent film industries, their audiences, and their peers. With guest curating by Associate Curator, Maggie Lee from The Hollywood Reporter.

Featuring over 120 short films from all over the world including films from Belgium, France, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Spain and Singapore, the festival offers a spread of award-winning films that are as wide and varied as there are genres in film.

The Singapore Short Film Festival is set to take you through a curated segment of dreamy Korean School Days, past animated French Animations to gritty US Documentaries, whimsical Italian Shorts and amazing encounters with shorts from the Encounters Film Festival.

There are also an in-competition short film screenings which showcase a more international selection of Midnight Cinema, Animations, Black Comedy, Dysfunctional Relationships and a variety of themes. At the in-competition short film screenings, audiences will also get to vote for their favorite international and local short films to be eligible for the Audience Award. Numerous in-competition films are award-winning films, including short films that have participated at the world’s most celebrated film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and Singapore film festivals.

The Asian Film Symposium offers another exciting line-up of upcoming asian film talents from around the region. This year, we are proud to present Indonesian director, Edwin’s short films who has been a prolific filmmaker involved with the Asian Film Symposium. We also welcome back Azharr Rudin who brings with him his first feature film which has won the hearts of film critics in Vancouver and Berlin. There is also the cinematic forum on “Film Associations in Asia” which will point the spotlight at certification bodies and film communities in the region. Lastly, for filmmakers, be sure to catch and network and with the guest filmmakers, curators, critics, programmers from the region!

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