Jury statement: Documentaries should break new ground and inform the audience.
They should deliver a strong message and point of view.
  Jury statement: Sound design is more than just putting music into a film. It involves a sound scape. Knowing when you need sound or music, when you do not need it, when it is enough is all sound design. All in service of the film. The jury regrets they did not see this application of sound design in the nominated films.”

Special mention to Contained, for sound design: Contained has created a sound scape that the jury felt placed them in the same time and space as the character. We can feel the wind and waves through the sound design. We are pleased to have a special mention for sound design for Contained.
  Special mention for Waiting: The jury feels that Waiting is under nominated and it deserves to be nominated in these categories, Best Director and Best Performance.

Special Mention to Waiting, for Best Director: Commend the director of Waiting for being bold in doing less rather than more.

Special Mention to Waiting, Zheng Wei He for Best Performance: He does not appear to be acting, he does not act.
  Jury statement: Experimental films should be experiments in the cinematic form and unfortunately the jury did not see any bold experimentation and breakthrough in the cinematic form.