Infinite Frameworks (IFW) is a media and entertainment company based in Singapore and Indonesia (Batam Island). Established as a post-production facility, it has evolved and grown its business to include core activities such as:

Content and Infrastructure investment
Post-production and Visual Effects for TV Commercials, Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Series
Full CG Animation production pipeline for animated Feature Films and TV series
Content Distribution Rights Management

With a total staff strength of 150, IFW has become one of the largest facility in South East Asia and by mid 2012, IFW will be managing Singapore's first soundstages and media complex and engaging both local and international productions.

Working closely with the Economic Development Board and Media Development Authority, IFW's goal is to become a leading media player in Asia through a combination of equity financing in content and providing cutting edge and value added production support, visual effects and animation services to the global media industry.


The Singapore Film Commission (SFC) was formed in April 1998 to support and develop the burgeoning film industry in Singapore. As of January 1st, 2003 the SFC became part of the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore, and is spearheaded by 10 members from the private and public sectors. It works in four main areas: funding, facilitation, promotion and training. The SFC also encourages local producers to work with international partners to create and distribute strong, compelling films with both international and local appeal.

In recent years, Singapore has seen resurgence in filmmaking activities. In 2008, 17 new local films were released theatrically, comparing favorably with 10 in 2006. In fact, there were more feature films produced independently and screened at various festivals around the world every year.

SFC continues to grow the local filmmaking community. In 2008, the SFC New Feature Film Fund was launched to support young filmmakers with a unique combination of production financing, marketing funding and theatrical distribution facilitation. Besides funding support, SFC also provides an additional funding for local advertising and promotion with guaranteed local theatrical distribution through this fund.

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Shooting Gallery Asia is the one-stop creative shop for cutting edge photography, TVC production and digital imaging services with a unique touch. Founded in 1987 with clear vision and values, The Shooting Gallery has established itself as Singapore's leading production hub. Under the umbrella of Shooting Gallery Asia, we are a one-stop shop, providing TV commercial production, photography services, digital imaging, content development and production design in six countries for the world. Our mission is to grow and develop a dynamic and progressive organization internationally, providing excellent service standards and employment.


The Handburger in three words: bold, natural and crafted. That's for the food we serve, the way we work, and our insatiable appetite to bring you the freshest, finest burgers. Featuring premium ingredients and innovative recipes, our wide array of delicious burgers offers distinctive flavours and tastes for meat and seafood lovers and even vegetarians. To top it off, our burgers have no fillers, MSG, preservatives or artificial flavouring!


Sakae Sushi is the pioneer food and beverage brand of Sakae Holdings Ltd. Since its establishment in September 1997, Sakae Sushi has grown to become Singapore's largest kaiten sushi chain, with an impressive record of about 70 bustling outlets throughout Asia and more than 30 outlets in Singapore alone. Sakae Sushi offers a fuss-free and simple 3-tier pricing system and over 200 delectable varieties in their menu. At Sakae Sushi, “we serve only what we eat” has not only become our slogan but also our motivation and pride. We use top quality ingredients and also enrich our sushi rice with Vitamin E so that customers will benefit from it. Investing in customer service and innovations is another priority area that Sakae takes pride in, from our interactive menu to our self-service hot water taps; all these have won the brand numerous awards including the Singapore Promising Brand Award, CitiBusiness-SPBA Regional Brand Award, Singapore Innovation Award and Singapore Service Class. For more information about Sakae Sushi, please visit us on our website.


The Hong Leong Foundation , established in 1980, drives the Group's philosophy that corporations should give back by paying it forward. The Foundation's vision is to create opportunities for residents of Singapore to grow and develop by: fostering education helping the elderly, poor and needy to have fulfilling, healthy and active lives encouraging the proliferation of culture and the arts.

Its mission is to achieve the following charitable goals:

provide educational opportunities for all children in Singapore
provide avenues to improve living standards for the aged, poor and needy nurture local talents and extend Singapore's creative horizons

Each company in the Group also has its own community support programmes. Following the May 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (M&C) responded swiftly with a $200,000 donation towards the rebuilding of the Wolong Primary School by aid agency, Mercy Relief. By January 2009, the school welcomed back its students, who had been relocated to temporary shelters after the quake rendered their original school structure unsound.

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