Maybe She Loves Everyone

Director: Wesley Leon Aroozoo

Rating: PG / 11 mins


Good morning. How are you feeling today? Have you had your breakfast? Would you prefer coffee or tea? How could you fall for just another?

Wesley Leon Aroozoo's films have been in competition and screened in over 60 film festivals such as The International Film Festival of Rotterdam. Recently, he was invited to participate in the Tokyo Filmex International Film Festival Next Masters Project with his film project Bookmarked which is under development at 13 Little Pictures.

Movie Star - Sleeq

Director: Philip Tan

Rating: G / 4 mins

kat goh

This MTV is a collaboration with local Hip-Hop/R&B duo SleeQ. It's an attempt to use concert style lighting technologies, to suit a cinematic visual style that features the glamour that is Moviestar.

Philip Tan is currently undertaking a Bachelors' in Fine Arts at Nanyang Technological University, part of the Digital Filmmaking program at the School of Art, Design and Media. As a cinematographer, he has embarked on various short film projects which have received various local and international screenings. Being a visual storyteller with a passion for lighting, he believes that he can contribute to the growing visual culture in this very young country of Singapore, hoping to highlight scenes with a Singaporean aesthetic.


Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong

Rating: PG / 25 mins

jasmine ng

Lunch takes place in the course of an afternoon, when life seems nice and easy. The protagonist, a teenage girl, skips school to lunch with her good friend, a teenage boy. Both are at a special place in their lives, where things are changing - and they are aware of it. She wants life to remain the same, and yet she is curious about life itself. Despite her fears, she welcomes the changes with open arms and with the kind of graceful optimism found almost exclusively in teenagers.

Born in Thailand in 1976, Anocha Suwichakornpong, also known as “Mai”, spent the nineties living in England where she received her BA and MA. In 2006, she graduated from an MFA film programme at Columbia University, New York. That same year, Anocha attended the Berlinale Talent Campus. Her feature-length script, The White Room, was among the fifteen scripts chosen to participate in their Script Clinic.


Director: Chantel Li

Rating: PG / 9 mins


An aspiring virtuoso pianist with a cherished dream. Slowly, ideals get tempered by reality and propel him in living a safe, albeit conforming existence. Will a sudden loss make inroads into a place where hopes and dreams once abound freely?

Chantel is a finalist for the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta 2010. She is a film hobbyist working on an upcoming mockumentary.

Labour Day

Director: He Shuming

Rating: PG / 23 mins

kat goh

Cik visits her old flat to collect rent from her two foreign worker tenants who are on their way to work - Zoe, a frumpy 30-year-old Malaysian Chinese whose second application to be a Singapore citizen has just been rejected, and Purple, a study-mama from China, who is hiding a secret from her 12-year-old son.

He Shuming was born on New Year's Eve, 1985. After junior college, he began his foray into cinema through works in art direction and managing an underground cinema café. Since then, he's been actively involved in various short and feature film productions. He has since written and directed 4 short films - Visiting (2008), hoon/ramlah (2009), National Day (2009) and his thesis short film, Labour Day (2010). Shuming graduated from The Putnam School of Film, LASALLE College of The Arts in September 2010 with First Class Honours, majoring in Film Directing and minoring in Screenwriting.